Boomer Banks drills Ricky Roman’s ass in “Just Love” part one from CockyBoys

In celebration of Pride month, CockyBoys presents us a new erotic documentary mini series called “Just Love – a Pornstars Guide to Sexual Freedom“. “This is a series about love, acceptance and embracing who we all are which is definitely our CockyBoys motto”, says Jake Jaxson. “We all have had different journeys in self love but embracing our differences and loving each other leads to acceptance and sexual freedom”.

This first episode is starring two CockyBoys fan favorites, Boomer Banks and Ricky Roman. Ricky expresses what he says Just Love is about – “It is by loving yourself enough to put yourself out there in the world for all to see. When you can accept that part of yourself then you can really emote and express every facet of yourself.” Just Love is being who you are and communicating what you need so that you and your partner explore and enjoy every pleasurable aspect of each other. There is no pain or fear but just love!!

On an idyllic island retreat, Boomer and Ricky seduce and connect with each other as only two hot blooded, passionate men can. Using all their senses to tease, taste, touch, smell and explore, they open their minds and bodies in a passionate and hedonistic way. It’s all about the senses and the pleasures of every moment. This is the epitome of sexual freedom.

Watch Boomer Banks and Ricky Roman in “Just LLove” part one

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