Sexy young recruit Tommy Porter rubs out a nice load for Active Duty

This has to be one of the cutest, sweetest boy Active Duty has introduced to us. Tommy Porter simply slayed me with those big, brown eyes, those freckles, and that boyish charm! And wait until you see his adorable outfit. He wore suspenders, a straw hat, and a necktie…just like a sweet, young pool-hall hustler, too big for his britches.

And when those britches come off, wow! Tommy has such a nice cock. After chatting with Claude for a minute or so, Tommy pulls out his stiffening meat pole and strokes for us. He’s very lean and nubile, just the perfect look for an ideal recruit. I think he has the look and the body to get the whole ad squad excited.

Oh yes, Tommy will certainly be a huge hit. Tommy does a wonderful job of showing us how nice and weighty his fat cock is. He does some very hot slapping and slow squeezing that sure stoked my fire. Claude shows us what it looks like from Tommy’s own viewpoint, and we get a look at Tommy’s strong, youthful hands. And then it’s couch grinding time! My goodness, this boy has a fine rear end.

Usually, I’m not a fan of socks being left on for a solo session, but something about the contrast of these black socks against Tommy’s supple complexion cranks up the heat and makes this oh-so steamy. You’ve gotta see him in action at Active Duty, as he flexes that bubbly ass for us. I cannot wait to see just what Tommy does when we pair him up with another fine recruit!

Watch Tommy Porter rub out a nice load for Active Duty


Watch Tommy Porter rub out a nice load for Active Duty


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