Gabriel Cross pounds Bruno Bernal’s bubble butt in “Heated 2” from Falcon Studios

This new release from Falcon Studios is the fifth scene from their “Heated 2” movie. Gabriel Cross greets Bruno Bernal with a passionate kiss and by popping a fresh bottle of champagne – a foreshadowing of the hot sex that’s about to take place. Baring nothing but their muscles and bulging undies, they quickly lose the booze and lock lips.

The bubbly is followed by a feverish make out session that leads to Bruno giving Gabriel a heated blowjob. Gabriel reciprocates the gagging blowjob with a spit-filled rim job, basting Bruno’s bare hole with spit and champagne before eating it in hungry slurps.

Cock follows tongue as Bruno takes control and grabs Gabriel’s by the cock and pushes it into himself. Lube and sweat drip down the inside of Bruno’s sexy thighs as they fuck. Ready to release, they hop onto the countertop, exchange intense hand jobs, then pop their corks, sealing it all with a kiss.

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Watch Gabriel Cross pounds Bruno Bernal’s bubble butt at Falcon


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