Trent Ferris gets fucked by Ty Roderick in “Prisoner of War 2” part 3 from Icon Male

In the third scene from Icon Male ‘s movie “Prisoner of War 2“, sexy soldier Trent Ferris watches over his prisoner Ty Roderick while his lieutenant Alexander is questioning the other. To make the best of a bad situation, Ty tells Trent that by closing his eyes, he can imagine himself anywhere else, doing anything. Ty’s imagination runs wild, creating a fantasy where his capturer takes advantage of him while restrained.

Trent walks over to him and crouches down to his prisoner’s level. Getting so close that Ty feels his breath on him he moves forward, placing his lips on Ty’s.As they make out, Trent reaches for the handcuffs and unlocks the prisoner. Now free, Ty grabs hold of Trent’s head, and passionately makes out with him. They remove their clothes piece by piece. Trent bends down to suck on Ty’s cock, getting it ready for his ass.

Ty turns him around, rimming his ass to loosen it up. After getting it all wet, he pushes his big dick inside of Trent’s hole. He fucks him hard, showing him that he is now in control. Trent just lays face down on the floor, taking a rough pounding from his prisoner. Flipping Trent over on his back, Ty lifts his legs up and slides his cock back inside, showing no mercy to the young captor.

Feeling close to climax, Ty pulls out and sits next to Trent, both jerking themselves off. Ty cums first, followed by Trent who shoots his cum on himself.Back to reality, Ty is still handcuffed and blindfolded. It’s only too bad that it was all just a story. Even had Trent believe it is better than the real thing.

Watch Trent Ferris getting fucked by Ty Roderick at Icon Male


Watch Trent Ferris getting fucked by Ty Roderick at Icon Male


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