Sam Williams plays with Martin Muse’s tight twink hole at Twinks in Shorts

Twinks in Shorts has released a new scene starring Sam Williams (called Stanley Falls here at Twinks in Shorts) and Martin Muse (called Jimmie Brown here). Sam is a bit lonely and extremely horny as he runs his hands over his own hairy legs, wearing a sexy wrestling singlet. All of a sudden, the twink of his dreams appears. It’s a fantasy come true as Sam rubs massage oil onto his hands and gives Martin Muse a massage.

The quiet twink, wearing a smoking hot pair of underwear that accentuates his ass, thoroughly enjoys Sam’s hands, slippery with oil, all over his body. Martin receives the type of sensual massage Stanley enjoys best… in his bed, with plenty of oil, and a lot of assplay!

Massaging the puckered starburst, Sam moves on to Martin’s feet and it becomes quite a delight for anyone with a foot fetish. In fact, Sam lingers on Martin’s perfect feet, running his thumbs along the arches and playing with Martin’s toes. After a while, Sam produces a funky black butt plug with a spiral shape and teases Martin’s smooth hole.

Sam flips Martin over and proceeds to give the twink a handjob, stroking the big uncut cock and milking it until Martin unloads. Alas, the fantasy is over way too soon for Sam who then lays down, wondering what happened to the sexy twink of his dreams. Lucky for you, you won’t have to wonder where your twink went!

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Watch Sam Williams playing with Martin Muse’s hole at Twinks in Shorts


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