Miles Taylor fucks and creampies Austin Wilde at Guys in Sweatpants

This week’s release from Guys in Sweatpants is a hot one! Everyone loves a good hike in the mountains. Throw in some bareback sex and a creampie, and you’ve got yourself a pretty good day. Miles Taylor and Austin Wilde kicked it off right away. With their love of hiking and taking clothes off outside (yeah, there’s even some of that), and hot sex, it’s a perfect match.

While Austin was busy getting lost in Miles’ beautiful eyes, Miles was lubing up his cock to get it lost in Austin’s ass. They both sucked each other’s cocks until they were sopping wet. Austin started off missionary to take Miles, then flipped over and let him slam him doggy style. We mentioned the creampie, right? Austin’s favorite, regardless of which end he’s on!

Watch Miles Taylor fucking Austin Wilde’s bare ass


Watch Miles Taylor fucking Austin Wilde’s bare ass


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