Active Duty introduces handsome soldier boy Mike Hollister

Active Duty‘s new recruit  goes by the name of Mike Hollister and he’s a very handsome and sexy guy! He’s an easy going young man who loves to be outside as often as possible either snowboarding, fishing, hiking you name it he has done it or wants to try it and that’s why he is here today ,trying out a new adventure in life.Mike is calm, collective, and eager to make sure he’s doing a great job.

He gives off a great performance as his laid back personality shines through. He’s adventurous with a great physique any man would love to have. He has a nicely toned up body with a few well-placed tats to show off his edgy personality.

He’s a fast stroker as he yanks and pulls on his hard dick for all you viewers. This young man can last for hours stroking his dick as fast as can be. He does slow down to show off his dick and smooth balls. Mike even glares into the camera a few times with a sensual come fuck me look.

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Watch Mike Hollister jacking off for Active Duty


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