Inked recruit Matthew Reeves strokes his hard cock for Active Duty

Active Duty introduces Matthew Reeves. Claude chats him up just a bit before Matthew gets down to pleasuring himself. We learn that, of course, Matthew loves spending time in the gym, as well as hanging out around car shows. I believe this is the third or fourth time we’ve heard about car shows… maybe I’m hanging out at all the wrong places!

Once Matthew strips off his shirt and shorts, we see he’s wearing a pair of gray briefs and there’s something getting seriously fat in them. By the time Matthew pulls ’em off, his cock is fully erect and ready for attention. Matthew’s body is wonderful: patches of sexy ink and nice muscle tone. After some nice jerking on the couch, Matthew flips onto his stomach and grinds his boner into the couch.

Claude gets in nice and tight, showing us Matthew’s luscious ass in action. It’s bubbly with a medium amount of hair. Matthew has so many qualities in a recruit that I think are important when considering how good he’ll look getting fucked hard by one of our fine veterans. We get to see Matthew stand up for a bit, and Claude goes underneath for his signature ‘upwards’ shot. This was really nice.

I enjoy this angle, imagining Matthew could spray a load on me at any second. Finally, Matthew is back on the couch, a bit more sprawled out this time, jacking his erection until it magnificently erupts. This is definitely a soldier that I know will fit right in. He’s friendly, easy-going, and incredibly hot. I think we’ll find out very soon just how willing and wild this fresh face will turn out!

Watch Matthew Reeves stroking his hard cock at Active Duty


Watch Matthew Reeves stroking his hard cock at Active Duty


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