Kaydin Bennett goes balls deep in Luke Ewing’s ass in “Are You Ready To Take It” from Pride Studios

The guys from Pride Studios have released a hot new scene – called “Are You Ready To Take It” – starring Luke Ewing and Kaydin Bennett, Luke is scared to take Kaydin big thick cock. Kaydin tries to calm his thoughts by letting him know that he will take it easy on his tight little butt. Luke isn’t buying it and isn’t ready for that thick piece of meat in his ass. They begin to make out and Luke tries sucking Kaydin’s juicy big dick.

Luke is actually really into it as he grips on it, pulls it and plays with the foreskin. After some heated cock sucking Kaydin proposes the question again but this time Luke goes for it and finally Kaydin gets to fuck his tight ass. Kaydin goes balls deep as Luke moans with delight and pain all at once. The thickness is stretching out his hole so much that the pain feels extremely good. They roll around in the bed fucking in position after position until Kaydin finally hits that spot which makes Luke pop all over himself and once Kaydin sees all that tasty cum hi lets loose his built up load all over Luke.

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Watch Kaydin Bennett going balls deep in Luke Ewing’s tight ass


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