Chris Loan fucks Robin Castel’s virgin boy hole at French Twinks

We’ve seen him taking a dildo for the very first time during his recent solo video, but Robin Castel obviously loves to try new things. In this hot French Twinks release, he takes his very first cock up his ass. He and Chris Loan are playing video games. Baptiste Garcia feels he’s being ignored by the two friends and leaves.

When Chris realizes that his beloved boyfriend has left, he takes the opportunity to be closer to Robin and starts kissing him. Robin and Chris are terribly horny, their clothes are coming off fast and they are now naked on the couch, dick to dick jacking each other off.

It doesn’t take long before Robin sucks on Chris’ big cock. Robin who has never been fucked before, finally gives in. He is so horny and wants that dick. He slowly impales himself on Chris’ hard cock. He surprises himself by this courageous action. The fact that he really starts to enjoy his first anal and asking for more surprises him even more.

Chris understands the message and he quickly picks up the pace to fuck that tight virgin boy hole harder and deeper. Chris then swings him on his back and gives Robin’s hole a good workout. Robin’s moans are getting louder and he cannot keep from squirting, while he gets his ass fucked. Seconds after the cum shot of Robin, Chris is ready to blow his load, which he uses to coat Robin’s cute face.

Watch Chris Loan fucking Robin Castel’s virgin hole at French Twinks

Watch Chris Loan fucking Robin Castel’s virgin hole at French Twinks


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