Trent Ferris bottoms for Alexander Gustavo in “Prisoner of War 2” from Icon Male

In this new release from Icon Male – which is actually the first scene from “Prisoner of War 2” – general Alexander Gustavo is pleased with soldier Trent Ferris, who has helped with the capture of two enemy soldiers. They’ll finally be able to get some information out of their rivalry. To reward himself, the general wishes to end this day on a pleasurable note. He instructs his soldier to get on his knees and do what he does best.

Trent pulls down his superior’s pants and begins sucking on his uncut cock. With a hard and wet dick, the general decides it’s time to move to a comfier area. In his living room, Alexander wastes no time unzipping his boy’s pants. Trent gets cozy on the couch while his general sucks him off, drooling on Trent’s balls.  They take their clothes off and Trent get into a doggy style position, with his ass open wide.

Alexander goes deep inside Trent’s hole with his tongue. He rims it, gets it all wet, then slides his cock in that hungry hole. The general doesn’t hold back, banging his boy’s ass with his big dick. Alexander looks down on Trent as he fucks him harder at every thrust. After that hard fuck, Trent prepares for more by laying down on the couch, with his legs up and to his chest.

With that hole wide open, Alex continues to ram that boy’s ass, getting deeper inside. Nothing makes him happier than to hear his soldier moaning with pleasure. Seeing Trent enjoying himself makes Alexander pull his cock out of him and immediately shoot his cum over his soldier’s bare body. Trent jerks himself off and finishes off cumming on himself as well.

Watch Trent Ferris bottoming for Alexander Gustavo at Icon Male

Watch Trent Ferris bottoming for Alexander Gustavo at Icon Male


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