Kyler Ash takes Liam Cyber’s load in “Choke me again!” from Guys In Sweatpants

Aside from the beautiful contrast of their skin tones, Kyler Ash and Liam Cyber are the perfect pair of guys to watch fuck in this new scene for Guys In Sweatpants. Kyler loves to take cock, and get choked and slapped while doing it. Liam is a straight-to-the-point kinda guy when it comes to sex, so literally throwing him down on the bed face to eat his ass before mounting him with his lubed up cock was no problem for him.

Liam is a fuck machine, but it was still no match for the insatiableness of Kyler’s hole. “Choke me again” and “harder” were about the only words spoken during this, and it was fucking perfect. You know Kyler was loving it because he hardly touched himself until the end when he took half of Liam’s load in his ass, and they came simultaneously!

Watch Kyler Ash and Liam Cyber at Guys In Sweatpants

Watch Kyler Ash taking Liam Cyber’s load at Guys In Sweatpants 


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