Dorian Ferro takes Fabio Acconi’s big cock in “Pushing Limits” part three from Hot House

Hot House has released the third scene from their movie “Pushing Limits“. The sexy Fabio Acconi leans back, stroking his hefty cock when gorgeous Dorian Ferro takes notice and helps himself to a mouthful of Fabio’s meat. He reaches back and teases his own hole with his fingers as he deepthroats Fabio.

Then, Dorian spears his tongue around Fabio’s scruffy taint. Fabio returns the favor with a few fingers and his tongue deep in Dorian’s talented hole.

He takes it up a notch and fucks Dorian with a shiny steel dildo. Dorian squats and takes more toys up his tail end until Fabio replaces it with his fat cock. He pounds relentlessly into Dorian’s hole, hitting his prostate until Dorian oozes his load on the floor. Fabio pulls his cock from Dorian and milks it all over Dorian’s delicious bubble butt.

Watch Dorian Ferro taking Fabio Acconi’s big cock at Hot House

Watch Dorian Ferro taking Fabio Acconi’s big cock at Hot House


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