Damon Heart takes Tomas Brand’s daddy dick at Lucas Entertainment

In this new scene from Lucas Entertainment they have paired up sexy young hunk Damon Heart and hot muscle daddy Tomas Brand. Damon Heart  is young, slender, and enjoys being submissive for the right guy. Is there more of a “right guy” than Tomas Brand to take advantage of a situation involving subservience? I think not!

Everything Damon likes to do between the sheets is called upon in this bareback sex encounter — especially deep and sensual oral sex (Damon Heart loves making eye contact, a trait Tomas Brand appreciates). Damon is a tall and lean dude, so he uses his natural agility to move around in several positions to take Tomas’ daddy dick in his ass balls deep.

Watch Damon Heart taking Tomas Brand’s daddy dick at Lucas Entertainment

See Damon Heart taking Tomas Brand’s daddy dick at Lucas Entertainment


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