Trey Turner fucks Brayden Allen in “When Tops Needs A Pounding” part 2

This is the second part from “When Tops Needs A Pounding” from Pride Studios. In this scene we see that Brayden Allen has just got home from the gym but as he is undressing he notices a used condom and wrapper next to the bedside. He picks it up and immediately his heart drops as he knows Trey Turner has been cheating on him.

He paces around the room wondering where Trey has gone to. Trey comes home and Brayden confronts him about that condom. Trey doesn’t deny it and tells him that he needs to be fucked by an aggressive top and that he just hasn’t been doing it for him. Heated as all hell Brayden challenges Trey to that assumption and they both start to kiss vigorously.

They wrestle around on the bed as their clothes go flying off. Trey tells him how he wants to be fucked, liked and sucked. Brayden bends to his every will letting Trey do what he wants at any given time. They both fuck hard and passionately unleashing all the anger and pent up energy into one finale explosion of juicy warm cum.

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