Hung stud Bravo Delta fucks sexy bottom Josh Conners in “Ass Fiends” from Hot House

In the first scene from “Ass Friends” – a new series from Hot House, the big dicked Bravo Delta and the sexy Josh Conners interlock tongues intensely, causing major bulges in their skin-tight jockstraps. They’re way into each other, and their packed pouches show it. To further excite Bravo, Josh turns around and grabs his ankles. Bravo wastes no time sliding his massive, rock-hard cock up against Josh’s bare hole. Moving to a bench, Josh hikes his leg up to give Bravo instant access to his eager ass.

Bravo is an ‘Ass Fiend’, and he wants more. He maneuvers Josh face down and digs his tongue even deeper in a sopping wet 69. Bravo prepares Josh’s ass for his fat cock by massaging his hole with a giant manrammer as he edges his own meat. Bravo quickly switches from the toy cock to his own, pinning Josh down and pounding him hard. They switch to multiple positions until Josh climaxes and shoots his load while Bravo is pumping him from underneath. Bravo finishes by spraying all over Josh’s bubble butt.

Watch Bravo Delta fucking sexy bottom Josh Conners at Hot House

Watch Bravo Delta fucking sexy bottom Josh Conners at Hot House


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