Bennett Anthony fucks Tegan Zayne in “I’d Hit That!” part one from Raging Stallion

Super sexy Tegan Zayne and Bennett Anthony are making out in “I’d Hit That!” part one from Raging Stallion, crushing hungry lips together with obvious raw desire for each other. Their hard ons project straight up from their chiseled and scruffy bodies. Each has a full beard: Tegan’s raven black and Bennett’s fiery red, complemented by a torso colourfully splashed with ink.

Tegan grabs Bennett’s cock, lowering his head as he tugs, until he can swallow it whole. Sucking Bennett’s balls hard, Tegan’s hole winks in anticipation of getting fucked. Tegan turns to show his ass and Bennett drives his tongue into the pulsing crack, and then plunges his thumb in and out while stroking and sucking Tegan.

Needing to be fucked now, Tegan slams his ass onto Bennett’s lengthy pole, crying ‘perfect!’ Moving his ass in every direction to hit all his spots, Tegan grabs Bennett’s waist to pull his fire crotch and hefty dick deeper. Bennett’s cock pushes every button in Tegan’s hole so hard that Tegan’s cum flies across the room in multiple bursts. Bennett straddles Tegan’s neck and shoots squarely into his mouth to end with cum-filled kisses.

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