Titus Snow bottoms for Jaro Stone in “Football Focus” part two from Staxus

Titus Snow is back in the second scene from the Staxus movie “Football Focus“. Titus isn’t new to porn (he has already worked for Boynapped, Blake Mason and TXXXM), but this is the first time we see him bottoming on camera. I guess everyone would bottom for the hung and beautiful Jaro Stone. Dressed up in his football kit, he’s even more stunning than usual!

Certainly young Titus shows no quiver of hesitation whatsoever in sucking on his pal’s nipples and reaching into his jockstrap – a move that immediately draws a very favourable response from the ever-horny Jaro, who’s soon slurping on his team-mate’s shaft and then using his soccer-boot to stimulate Titus even further. Indeed, this rather kinky aspect to proceedings continues once Titus Snow has had chance to feast on Jaro’s dick in return; with Jaro using his feet to first wank his pal’s shaft and then rub against his arse.

Little wonder that young Titus is so eager to raise his legs in the air to underline his availability; with Jaro then licking his boots, then rimming his tight, inexperienced hole. It’s almost enough to get even the most seasoned viewer to the point of no return; and needless to say matters only intensify even further when Jaro finally asserts his position as lead-role by ploughing the newcomer’s pucker with characteristic gusto. All of which soon results in both boys splattering each other’s faces with creamy goo!

Watch Titus Snow bottoming for Jaro Stone in the video trailer Read our Staxus website review here

Watch Titus Snow bottoming for Jaro Stone in the full-length video


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