Jimmie Slater fucks Dylan Knight in “Wardrobe Malfunction” from Pride Studios

Dylan Knight has showed up for a photo shoot with Jimmie Slater in this new Pride Studios scene. The plan is to go into the wardrobe room and see if the baseball uniform will fit. At first glance it seems like yes it will fit but once Dylan tries to pull the extremely tight pants over his bulging crotch, problems begin to arise.

Nobody expected he would have such a huge bulge so the quick thinking Jimmie has a great idea. His idea is too empty Dylan’s balls any way possible and Dylan is totally fine with that. Jimmie gets on his knees and begins to service that sexy uncut cock pulling on the balls and stroking his shaft while his lips are wrapped firmly around it.

Dylan is a giver and a pleaser so he drops to his knees to see what Jimmie is packing and it’s a nice long dong for sure. Dylan sucks him like a pro but he didn’t show up to suck some other dude off so instead he takes a seat in the chair with his stiff cock pointing up in the air and tells Jimmie to take a seat.

He sits right on that hard shaft and Dylan pumps his sweet ass until he can’t take it anymore. They fuck in a few more positions until Jimmie pops all over himself. Dylan can’t believe what he is seeing as cum is oozing out of that sexy cock and he explodes all over Jimmie. Now what about that photoshoot.

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Watch Jimmie Slater fucking Dylan Knight at Pride Studios


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