Grayson Lange bottoms for Calvin Banks in “Dirty Laundry” from Helix Studios

In this new scene from Helix Studios it’s laundry day. One of the inevitabilities of adulthood and the bane of independence & coming of age possibly suffered the worst by teenage jizz-factories like our very own twink poster boy and walking woody, Grayson Lange.

How convenient then, that pretty boy stud pony Calvin Banks happened to be hanging out on a day when grown-ass Grayson was fresh out of clean skivvies. The young & hunky fap-phenom did what any gentleman should do and offered up his mighty machine and an oversized load of his own.

Watch Grayson Lange bottoming for Calvin Banks at Helix Studios
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Watch Grayson Lange bottoming for Calvin Banks at Helix Studios


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