Levi Karter bottoms for Damian Black in a CockyBoys outdoor scene

Levi Karter and Damian Black are a great match in this steamy outdoor summer scene from CockyBoys. Levi, with his raw sexual energy and hungry appetite is complimented perfectly with Damian and his generous serving of giant throbbing cock.

Starting off on the hammock, Levi wastes no time and starts giving Damian a nice wet blow job that gets that big cock hard in no time. Damian enjoys Levi’s skilled technique, moaning in ecstasy as Levi changes it up from soft sensual licking to full on deep throat fucking. Damian returns the favor and deep throats Levi’s hard cock.

They take it up to the pool house and after another quick blow job to get Damian’s cock revved up they get to fucking. Levi starts off riding Damian’s cock to get use to how big it is, but then it’s Damian who takes control and gives Levi a deep pounding he will soon not forget.

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