Gage Owens raw-fucks Zeno Kostas at Broke Straight Boys

Gage Owens is one of the newbies at Broke Straight Boys and he’s about to learn a few things about sucking cock and fucking ass! Zeno Kostas is his teacher, and even though he’s not looking forward to bottoming, he’s keeping an open mind to cumming hard. Zeno dives right in, grabbing Gage and kissing him on the lips, then telling him all of his sensitive spots so that Gage can get to work.

When Gage has sucked on Zeno’s nipples and gotten a few more kisses, he gets his cock and balls sucked by Zeno who goes all out, shoving Gage’s pierced prick down his throat and drooling all over that juicy meat. After Zeno has showed Gage a thing or two about cock-sucking, he lets Gage give it a go and Gage takes it nice and slow, getting used to the feeling of a dude’s dripping dick in his mouth.

He gets the hang of it quick and deepthroats Zeno’s impressive wang, driving him wild with his new oral skills before Zeno spreads his legs and lets Gage start his next lesson: fucking a guy raw. Gage buries his long bareback dick in Zeno, balls deep and fucking him hard, grabbing a fistful of Zeno’s long hair as he pumps him full of his hard cock. Zeno moans as he takes that huge dick until it’s too much for him and he blows his load and then Gage cums on Zeno’s back!

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Watch Gage Owens fucking Zeno Kostas at Broke Straight Boys


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