Zeno Rey debuts at Men.com and gets fucked by Paul Wagner in “Deep Inside” (part 1)

Zeno Rey makes his Men.com debut and gets fucked by his hot roommate Paul Wagner in “Deep Inside” (part 1). By popular request, Paul Wagner is going to be fucking a big toy ass for his fans today.


He piles some blankets on top to make it look as real as possible, squeezing the toy and sliding his fingers inside, but when it’s time to fuck it, his lube is gone. Paul goes to find some, while unbeknownst to him, his horny roommate Zeno mischievously creeps into his room and takes the toy’s place.

Paul Wagner penetrates that ass, but soon Zeno Rey can’t stop himself from moaning! He talks Paul into shooting more content with him, sucking the top’s cock then taking it deep inside in missionary.

Zeno gets just what he’s been wanting as he rides the sexy top and orgasms, then Paul takes his roomie doggy-style and cums all over that ass!


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