CockyBoys: Zeke Wood is back and flip-fucks with Tayte Hanson

CockyBoys newcomer Zeke Wood is back for his second scene in which he flip-fucks with Tayte Hanson. Tayte makes short work finding out what Zeke likes as he kisses and literally worships him from head to toe… and teases his cock. Soon he’s spending considerable time sucking his cock, rimming him, fingering his tight hole, and testing his pucker muscles.

Before going for more, Tayte sits his hot ass on Zeke’s mouth for some rimming and feeding Zeke his thick cock. Tayte Hanson flips him on his stomach for more ass play and cocksucking until he finally gives him his cock to pound his ass. Getting Zeke Wood into the perfect position to take him has consequences: Tayte makes him cum virtually hands-free!


Undeterred, Tayte picks things up again and drills Zeke then leans against the bed’s headboard to get sucked, rimmed, and fingered every which way by an increasingly excited Zeke. And soon Zeke is fucking Tayte from behind and in an acrobatic position with his big dick hitting that sweet spot over and over.BUT, Tayte turns around and gives Zeke what he’s wanted: to ride him

As Zeke grinds on his cock, Tayte shows him how to give them both maximum pleasure in several positions. Finally, Zeke rides him and Tayte’s deep thrusts make him shoot a full load over Tayte’s bod. He’s right there to finger-fuck Tayte who strokes out a big load and gives Zeke an unintended facial! You won’t have to guess if they had a real good time… it’s very clear!

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