CockyBoys: Newcomer Zeke Wood gets fucked by Austin Avery in “New Day” (scene 1)

This is the first scene from the new CockyBoys series “New Day” and marks the debut of Zeke Wood. The hot newcomer and Austin Avery each had their fresh start in SoCal where they both acclimated to the free-spirited lifestyle. The current state of the world has inspired Austin to seek deeper connections… as he does here with Zeke after a fun day at the beach.

Once they’re indoors Austin Avery and Zeke Wood are all over each other, making out and peeling off their clothes. But before they go all the way, they adjourn to the bathroom, where making out leads to Zeke hungrily sucking Austin.


Soon they wind up in the shower where Austin teases Zeke’s hole and rims his ass. Finally, after more teasing aside from the bathtub, Austin buries his cock in Zeke’s primed hole. Austin pounds Zeke over the tub and Zeke just can’t get enough.

They change it up again and in the other room, Austin sucks and rims Zeke on his back on top of a wide counter… and plows him again just as Zeke likes. But Zeke wants something more: Austin to cum inside him, so they switch it up again. In a chair, with Zeke perfectly positioned for it, Austin deep drills him.

Austin pounds Zeke non-stop until the new boy erupts in a huge cum geyser of himself. While Zeke is still on his sexual high, Austin resumes fucking him until he shoots his massive load over Zeke’s big balls. And, with his cock and fingers, Austin makes sure he feeds most of his cum to Zeke’s hole…just as Zeke wanted. When all is said and done, they both got just what they wanted.

Watch Zeke Wood bottom for Austin Avery in “New Day” (scene 1)



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