Icon Male: Zayne Roman fucks Jake Nicola in “Seducing The Straight Guy” (scene 2)

Icon Male has released the second scene from “Seducing The Straight Guy” which marks the debut of Zayne Roman. He has been paired up with fellow hairy hottie Jake Nicola.

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Newcomer Zayne is playing a video game while his all time best bud, Jake Nicola, returns for a visit. Zayne Roman tries to reminisce about college days and girls they’ve had over a drink only to find out that all this time Jake has been thinking about him.

Straight man Zayne is anxious about his bud and his questions, but slowly gives in to get his straight dick seduced by his best bud. “Back in Town” by Icon Male brings you the past, the present, and two hot dudes with a future.

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