Zac Snow debuts at Falcon Studios, bottoms for Cade Maddox in “Let’s Get Quenched” (scene 5)

The fifth and final scene from “Let’s Get Quenched” marks the Falcon Studios debut of Zac Snow. He bottoms for Cade Maddox and takes his thick, raw dick.

Falcon Studios

Cade Maddox and Zac Snow are skinny-dipping together in the pool when they both get hard and start to fondle each other’s cocks. When Cade wants a taste, he bends Zac over the edge of the pool and dives in with his tongue to open up Zac’s ass.

After getting rimmed, Zac dips back in the pool to fill his mouth with Cade’s girthy member. After both studs have had a taste, they leave the pool where Zac bends over and takes every inch of Cade’s massive, raw cock that slides into his ass.

It’s a tight fit but Zac opens up and takes Cade’s bareback dick like a champ. After getting his prostate pounded, Zac gets up and sinks down onto Cade’s pole, riding it up until Cade loses control and covers Zac’s ass with his load before sliding back in.

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Watch Zac Snow take Cade Maddox’s thick cock at Falcon Studios

Falcon Studios


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