William Seed fucks Trent King and cums all over his face in “Coach Seed”

Trent King gets his ass fucked by his big-dicked coach William Seed in this scene, called “Coach Seed“. Ebony athlete Trent King isn’t sure what to expect from new soccer coach, William Seed, but he hears he’s a real hard-ass! When William arrives and wordlessly makes Trent and his teammate do push-ups and squats, that’s confirmed: Trent can’t stop staring at William’s hard ass.

Soon, William is teaching Trent a new way to do sit-ups by sucking his cock every time he comes up! After a messy blowjob, William fucks Trent doggy-style over a fitness ball, then tells him to squat on his dick. Trent cums with William’s huge dick in his ass, and the coach pulls out to spill his seed all over the handsome athlete’s face.


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Watch William Seed fuck Trent King in “Coach Seed”

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