Viktor Rom And Manuel Skye Brutalize Ruslan Angelo in “Enduring Daddy’s Discipline” (sc 3)

Hung and dominant daddies Viktor Rom and Manuel Skye don’t go easy on Ruslan Angelo in “Enduring Daddy’s Discipline” (scene 3). Some young guys need to endure Daddy’s discipline because the need to learn a lesson, but other guys are natural-born trouble makers, and that certainly describes Ruslan Angelo.

No matter how many he’s disciplined by a fatherly figure, he keeps finding himself in trouble. This is a job that needs not one, but two Alpha Daddies with hard uncut dicks and a no-bullshit attitude. Enter Viktor Rom and Manuel Skye, and it’s an understatement to say that neither one of them ease up on Ruslan Angelo once – which is exactly what he’s asking for.

Watch Viktor Rom and Manuel Skye dominate and fuck Ruslan Angelo

Lucas Entertainment


Watch Viktor Rom & Manuel Skye fuck Ruslan Angelo at Lucas Entertainment


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