Lucas Entertainment: Viktor Rom and Isaac X cuckold and control Igor Lucios

This is the fourth and final scene from the Lucas Entertainment movie “Cuckolds & Alpha Cocks“. Isaac X hasn’t exactly been honest and faithful with his boyfriend, Igor Lucios. Viktor Rom is invited to fuck Isaac’s hungry hole.

Lucas Entertainment

Igor is young, hot, and has a high sex drive (not to mention his incredible cock), but Isaac has this compulsion to fuck as many guys as possible. Igor Lucios is suspicious of this, but he lets it go… because it excites him.

Isaac X is also suspicious of this, and he puts it to the test. He invites none other than Viktor Rom over to smash his throat and destroy his ass, and he times it so Igor Lucios catches them. Initially upset, Igor quickly submits into the role of a cuckold while Isaac carries on and pleasures the cock of Viktor Rom the Alpha Bull!

Watch Viktor Rom fuck Isaac X at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment


Watch Viktor Rom fuck Isaac X while Igor Lucios watches



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