Raging Stallion: Vander Pulaski and Killian Knox fuck each other in “Scrum” (scene 4)

This flip-fuck video – starring Vander Pulaski and Killian Knox – is the fourth scene from the Raging Stallion movie “Scrum“. Vander pulled a few muscles during the game and Killian is the perfect man to help him relieve the tightness he’s experiencing.

Raging Stallion

When Killian Knox is trying to help with Vander Pulaski‘s hamstring, he gets distracted by Vander’s hairy bubble butt framed by a hot jockstrap and decides to oil Vander up for a different kind of massage. When the jock comes off, Killian provides a massage with his tongue directly on Vander’s fuzzy hole.

Now that Killian’s intentions are clear, Vander roles over to let Killian deepthroat Vander’s monster dick. Not a single inch is wasted as Killian works overtime to savor Vander’s juicy pole. After sucking Vander and getting his own hole rimmed, Killian wants to feel Vander inside as he gets on top and drops himself onto Vander’s dick.

Switching positions, Killian is now getting pumped deep atop the massage table. Vander takes a break and hands Killian the reigns so he can pound his tight ass missionary. Switching it up one last time, Killian gets railed until thick ropes cover his abs in cum while Vander shoots his jizz to add to the mix.

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Watch Vander Pulaski and Killian Knox flip-fuck in “Scrum” (scene 4)

Raging Stallion


Watch Vander Pulaski and Killian Knox fuck at Raging Stallion



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