Hot newcomer Tyus debuts at Sean Cody and gets fucked by Sean

This Sean Cody scene marks the debut of hot newcomer Tyus. He has been paired up with Sean, who has a game for Tyus: see who’s better at getting through the other player’s hole. Sean wins the first round, and Tyus laughs, “You’re cheating! How the hell did you do that?”

Sean Cody

They play again, and this time Tyus gets too close to winning, so Sean knocks over the board, shouting, “Do you think we have time for play? We don’t have time for play!”

Sean quickly gets the bottom undressed and bent over on the bed to show him another thing or two about getting through holes! He gets his cock out and slaps it on Tyus’s plump ass, then fucks him from behind. Tyus gets on top to ride Sean, and Sean takes back the top spot as he fucks the bottom missionary before they cum in a photo finish!


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Sean Cody


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