CockyBoys: Troy Accola bottoms for French muscle boy Chris Loan

French muscle boy Chris Loan is back at CockyBoys and they’ve paired him up with Troy Accola! A little French lesson peppered with kisses leads Troy to admire and worship Chris’ body with his hands and lips. Troy Accola inches his way down to Chris Loan‘s flexed quads and growing cock and teases it before sucking him deeply.

Soon, Chris shows Troy how the French do it by giving him head and getting into a hot 69 with him. When Chris turns his attention to his butt, Troy just melts and luxuriates in the pleasure. Chris then pulls Troy over the edge of the bed and fucks him from behind.


As he drills Troy to the bed, Chris has a little surprise for him. He holds onto Troy and rolls over and on his back Chris thrusts hard up into Troy. Slowly shifting position Chris fucks Troy from the side and winds up pounding him on his back. He finds that sweet spot inside Troy and fucks a thick load out of him.

In little time Chris is on his back with Troy helping him along as he jerks his cock. Troy well places his head to get a facial then licks up the rest of Chris’ jizz. He shares it with Chris in a cummy kiss and as they keep going Troy is very happy they waited to get together.

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