Disruptive Films: Trevor Harris, Jayden Marcos & Evan Knoxx in “Organ Donor: Envious Heart”

This bareback threesome from Disruptive Films has been directed by Walden Woods. The scene, starring Trevor Harris, Jayden Marcos, and Evan Knoxx, is called “Organ Donor: Envious Heart“.

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Joel Blanchard (played by Trevor Harris) is sick and tired of his buddy Corey Porter (played by Evan Knoxx) being boring as hell now that he has a long-term boyfriend.

Joel suggests to Corey that they play an old game of ‘Who Can Get the Guy?’ with his eyes on their shared boss Luca Krueger (played by Jayden Marcos). A little game turns into a big betrayal in Organ Donor: Envious Heart.

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