BelAmi: Torsten Ullman fills Sven Basquiat up with his big uncut cock

Handsome Euro jocks Torsten Ullman and Sven Basquiat have been paired up by BelAmi! Outdoor gyms seem to be all the rage in Prague during the warmer months. That’s where we meet up with Torsten and Sven to begin today’s BelAmi video.

Since ‘warmer months’ are not quite here yet, the guys decide to head home… and work out some different muscles. Sexy Sven Basquiat is a keen runner, who puts in many miles each and every day. In this video, he reveals why he puts in that much effort: It makes him extremely horny!

He can’t wait for Torsten Ullman to finish with foreplay before he is begging him to hurry up and fuck him. Highly energized from the run, it only takes a few minutes before Sven is shooting his huge load, but even that is not satisfaction enough as he begs Torsten to fuck him again until he ends up blowing his load all over Sven’s smooth ass.

Watch Torsten Ullman fuck Sven Basquiat at BelAmi Online



Watch BelAmi hotties Torsten Ullman and Sven Basquiat fuck


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