MEN: Tony Portofino gets fucked by Diego Sans in “Clean Pipes, Dirty Talk”

Today’s release – starring Tony Portofino and Diego Sans – is called “Clean Pipes, Dirty Talk“. Diego gets hot and bothered as he watches plumber Tony at work… all the plumbing terminology makes him want to lay some pipe!

He rips open Tony’s coveralls and rubs his ass, and the horny plumber shakes it as Diego Sans grinds against him. The customer’s always right, especially when he wants to rim his plumber. Tony Portofino planks off the counter as Diego’s tongue explores his hole, then the top puts him up against the cabinets and fucks him from behind.

Diego pounds Tony as both guys lie suspended between the counters in a sexy bridge, then Diego penetrates the bottom missionary till he cums, then clears his pipes with a hot load on Tony’s delicious ass.


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