Bromo: FTM porn star Tommy Tanner bottoms for Markus Kage in “Raw Bussy Workout”

This bareback video is called “Raw Bussy Workout” and marks the Bromo debut of FTM porn star Tommy Tanner. The bearded trans man just moved into the building and is trying out the gym, and muscular hunk Markus Kage attracts his attention as his big cock falls out while he gets his pump on.


The cute new guy gets Markus’s attention as well when he gets pinned under the weight bar, so Markus helps free him, then gives Tommy a lesson in lifting by bench pressing him! After Tommy does his first set, Markus gets out his dick in the bottom’s face.

Tommy Tanner licks the top’s balls and sucks his cock. Markus Kage pulls Tommy over his lap and spanks him, then rips open his shorts, undressing Tommy and going down on him while fingering his wet hole.

Tommy moans as Markus fucks him missionary, then bends over on the bench to get his hole worked out doggy-style. Markus picks the bottom up for reverse stand-and-carry, then Tommy rides the top until he cums, and Markus gives Tommy a messy cum facial.

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