TimTales video update: Newcomers Victor Ferraz, Bishop Black, Dalton Ryder & more

Here’s a quick video update from the guys at TimTales. They have released some very hot bareback scenes lately and brought in some fresh new meat. Victor Ferraz is a hung Brazilian top who fucks Adango in his debut scene.

Abel Sanztin slams his big raw dick into Oscar Marin’s hole and Tim Kruger is the first one to pound Bishop Black. Bastian Karim welcomes a very hung top from Colombia and his name is Dalton Ryder. Power bottom Bastian takes every inch of that massive raw cock!

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Macho fucker Victor Ferraz fucks Adango


Victor Ferraz is our victor today. What a dominant Brazilian rough macho that hunk is! Victor Ferraz doesn’t just fuck your ass, he destroys it. Just ask the poor greedy hole of Adango after that insanely rough raw fuck. It’s a sex session he won’t forget anytime soon. Watch out for all that beautiful rough banging. It’s the kinda sound you wanna hear all night long


Abel Sanztin plows Oscar Marin’s bare hole


Love is in the air tonight. Add the smell of sweat and cum, and you know you’re at the right place! Abel Sanztin‘s never-ending massive Spaniard cock is ready for his lover du jour, Oscar Marin. Those two have such a great chemistry.

It was love at first sight, especially at the sight of that perfect cock. Oscar Marin just knew it was meant to be. Watch him suck and take that raw cock like he owns it. I can predict those two will meet again, and again.


Tim Kruger raw-fucks newcomer Bishop Black


Nothing like a newcomer to enlighten your week. And when it’s Bishop Black that we’re introducing, we know it’s gonna be a great day. That hunk is blazing hot! Muscular from head to toe, with an ass that defies any possible gravity, Bishop Black is our new bottom sensation.

Originally from the UK, Bishop Black now lives in Berlin where he works as a performance artist. He’s quite the versatile man. But with Tim Kruger, he’s fully bottom, and more than eager to take that massive raw cock. He’s been dreaming of that dick for a while now. Watch him devour that cock with such passion. Welcome to Tim Tales Bishop


Bastian Karim takes Dalton Riley’s huge raw cock


New huge cock top alert! This is the kind of notification that gets us all excited! Well, here he is, in all of his glory. Introducing Dalton Ryder and his perfectly massive raw cock. It’s long, thick and feels amazing inside you. I guarantee it. Bastian Karim is a living testimony of that.

Our power bottom Latino boy couldn’t let go of that cock. More please! Originally from Colombia, Dalton is pleasing Tim Tales and Barcelona with that massive dong. Just look at Bastian’s pretty face. That’s the face of pure bliss. Don’t miss that new monster cock. It’s the perfect size, you’ll see!

Newcomers Victor Verraz, Bishop Black and Dalton Ryder at TimTales

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