TimTales update: Marco Antonio, Gany Meat, Gaucho, Isaak Rion, Tim Kruger & Maksim Orlov

This new TimTales update covers the videos that were released in the second half of May. TimTales is one of the few studios that is able to stick to their original release schedule without recycling content.

The European bareback studio introduces three hot newcomers; hung tops Marco Antonio, Gaucho and greedy bottom Isaak Rion. All three of them have already filmed multiple scenes for TimTales.

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Newcomer Marco Antonio fucks Gany Meat


Burn baby burn! Marco Antonio and Gany Meat are so hot together they gonna burn down our studios. Passion is everything these two embodied. It’s sexual chemistry meets hardcore lovemaking this Friday.

Marco Antonio was simply obsessed with Gany Meat‘s sublime bubble butt when he first met him. Well, who wouldn’t? What more you need in life than a big cock and a bottomless hole. Watch out these two are so hot together, they gonna make you blow your load in seconds


Hung newbie Gaucho pounds Vladimir Stark’s ass


Did anyone say big dick Brazilian Daddy? Oh hell yeah! Get ready for a newcomer quente as fuck. Meet Gaucho, a sexy confident daddy with a big raw cock to satisfy all the boys to the yard.

Originally from the South of Brazil, he currently lives in Berlin. Vladimir Stark is the lucky first one to kiss those kind lips. Funny fact here: Vladimir secretly learned Portuguese so he could meet big-dicked Brazilians. Yep, that’s very safado indeed. So sit tight and get ready for a passionate lovemaking breeding session like only Brazilians are capable of.


Greedy bottom Isaak Rion takes Tim Kruger’s huge cock


Tim Kruger is pretty damn excited today. He gets to destroy one of the most sensual bottom on his to-breed list. Provocateur Isaak Rion is one hell of a hot passionate bottomless bottom. Dancer, curator, artist and model, that guy is flexible in and out of bed.

Total bottom that lives to be bred, Isaak Rion is simply perfect for TimTales and our huge cocks. He’s got this inviting hole that keeps opening wider and wider. A true artist at taking raw cocks. Tim can truly be himself with him. From rough deep fucker to sensual lover. A colorful breeding session like Tim loves them.


Marco Antonio gives Vladimir Stark’s hole a good workout


Marco Antonio is a true Alpha top! Originally from Venezuela, he currently lives in Berlin and has the sexiest German accent out there. Venezuelans know how to fuck, right? Well, Vladimir Stark is a living testimony. He dated Marco briefly prior to our shoot. So the chemistry is right on! True Latino lovemaking right there. It’s a passionate fuck down session like we love them.


Tim Kruger raw-fucks pretty boy Maksim Orlov


Tim Kruger and his legendary massive cock are on fire! Tim gets horny as fuck. His raging hard on needs a hole to breed, and he needs it now. Maksim Orlov‘s got the perfect stretching raw hole for him. Get ready for one hell of a rough fuck session. Tim is breeding that hole savagely. Hard and deep, the only way Maksim Orlov enjoys. He leaves our studio with one happy gaping hole.




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