TimTales Video Update: Anton PJ, Rico Fatale, Dalton Ryder, Patrick Dei, Tim Kruger & Felix Hain

Here’s a quick look at the TimTales videos that have been released in the first half of April. Hungry bottom Rico Fatale made his TimTales debut in the most recent release. The German cock slut – who has filmed quite some scenes with Fuckermate and Bromo – bottoms for Anton PJ and takes his big black cock!

Dalton Ryder drills Patrick Dei’s hungry hole and Saverio gets bred by Neo and his huge uncut cock. Last but not least; it’s Tim Kruger slamming his massive raw dick into Felix Hain and eventually seeding his gaping hole.

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Rico Fatale debuts at TimTales and takes Anton PJ’s big cock


Total attraction between Anton PJ and Rico Fatale! Introducing a new German bottomless bottom. Rico Fatale wants cock, he wants it now. So Anton PJ‘s extra long dick is the ultimate pleasure tool Rico could have. Watch him getting bred to the max by that big raw cock. Lots of cum ahead!


Dalton Ryder drills Patrick Dei’s hungry ass hole


Lockdown is a bitch but TimTales got you covered! Everyone needs a little escapism these days. So sit tight and enjoy our latest hottest scene. A half-hour intense fuck fest under the warm sun of Barcelona.

Dalton Ryder‘s humongous raw cock is a fan favorite. Especially for Patrick Dei‘s hungry hole. Watch him ride that cock so hard that he pisses himself all over. That’s the sweetest escape you certainly need now


Power bottom Saverio gets bred by hung German Neo


Power bottom Saverio, wanted to present us (and you) one of his favorite German cocks. Neo is his long-time breeding fuck friend. He took that long and thick cock many times, so it all feels natural for him.

Saverio is in top shape and ready to ride that raw cock like no one can. Up and down, non-stop for half hour on that dick. Saverio knows how to take ownership of a massive cock


Tim Kruger dumps his load inside Felix Hain’s gaping hole


Tim Kruger is doing a wine tasting in our studios today. A wine tasting with lots and lots of deep raw ass fucking of course. Nothing better than a long breeding session with a glass of German Riesling. Felix Hain can’t get enough of that massive cock.

The bigger the better for that slutty power bottom. We literally tried every possible positions; on the floor, by the tree, up in the ladder. And by the end of the day, Tim Kruger couldn’t hold it anymore. He finally unloaded his thick man milk inside Felix Hain‘s gaping hole. All the stuff you like!




Watch Anton PJ, Dalton Ryder, Tim Kruger & Neo plow eager holes


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