Men At Play: Thyle Knoxx takes Manuel Skye’s big daddy dick in “Boylust 2”

Today’s release from Men At Play – starring porn stars Manuel Skye and Thyle Knoxx – is called “Boylust 2“. Sexy Thyle has a weakness for handsome successful men – which is why he has taken a job cleaning houses.

Men At Play

His customer, Manuel Skye is a Canadian former aerial acrobat turned businessman. The man has a big dick and naughty streak. And, when Thyle Knoxx sees his suited client, he can’t help but want to feel the fabric and that growing cock hiding inside his pants.

Watch as Manuel plays with the big-dicked young help – leaving a messy dump of cum on the hardwood floors that will need to be cleaned (again).

Watch Thyle Knoxx bottom for Manuel Skye at Men At Play

Men At Play


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