Thrax gets fucked by Jax Thirio in “A Game At Night”

In “A Game At Night” from the Network, bottom boy Thrax gets his bare ass fucked by Jax Thirio. After a heated game of one-on-one that ends in tussling and tickling on the ground, Jax Thirio and Thrax share a sweet licorice whip, then head back to Jax’s place for some privacy.

Thrax sucks Jax’s “licorice,” and the experienced top licks the twink’s hole and loosens it up with his fingers before fucking him from behind. This is the kind of game everybody wins, and after Thrax rides that cock, Jax puts him into a deep piledriver till the bottom cums, then shoots his load too.

Remember that time when Jax Thirio fucked Damien Kyle?


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