CockyBoys: Tannor Reed bottoms for Leo Louis and takes his big, raw cock

At last, Tannor Reed returns to CockyBoys and he’s ready to bottom for Leo Louis! They’re both super-happy to be here and thrilled to be with each other… and their respective talents.

Once they start kissing, Tannor feels the prominent bulge in Leo’s briefs grow so big he can barely hold it and it threatens to tear through the cloth. Still, he mouth-teases it a little bit more before Leo takes it out and lets Tannor play with it.


Tannor licks and sucks cock and eagerly takes more as it’s fed to him and promises Leo that if he likes his mouth, he’ll like his hole even more. Tannor sits atop Leo to make out with him as he plays with his ass but gets into position to experience Leo’s ass-eating talents.

When Tannor Reed sees Leo Louis‘ cock grow even more he just has to suck him again. With his eyes streaming tears, Tannor slobbers on Leo’s cock as deep as he can before Leo flips him for one more oral deep dive. At last, Leo slides his cock into Tannor with ease and pleasure.

It’s Tannor who makes the next move of sitting on his cock. Leo stretches Tannor out and makes it easier to ride him and take his deep sideways pounding. Leo slows down just enough with his cock deep inside Tannor who craves his load there.

Tannor lies on his tummy and Leo gets on top to drill him and it’s not long before Tannor begs for his load. Soon, Leo pulls out to shoot his cum over Tannor’s hole and bury it in him. With his widened hole throbbing, Tannor lies back. As Leo finger-fucks him, he too shoots his load.

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