Slim Saint debuts at and fucks Felix Fox in “Dicking The Dishwasher”

Gay porn newcomer Slim Saint fucks Felix Fox in his debut. This scene – called “Dicking The Dishwasher” – was originally scheduled for release in September, but was pushed back for almost two months.

Gorgeous nude Felix Fox wanders into the kitchen in the morning. He straps on an apron and gloves to start tackling the dishes in the sink. His boyfriend, Slim Saint, decides to help his man out by coming up behind him and kissing him, then pressing his lips down Felix’s back before rimming his hole!

The dishes will have to wait because all Felix wants is to concentrate on pleasure as Slim slides his cock inside him. Felix sucks Slim, then rides him on the floor before leaning back on the island with one leg up on the counter as Slim fucks him missionary. The bottom cums, then Felix blows the top and swallows his load.


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Watch newcomer Slim Saint fuck Felix Fox


Watch Slim Saint fuck Felix Fox in his debut



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