Alpha tops Sir Peter and Isaac X fuck Valentin Amour as BF Joaquin Santana watches

This is the second scene from the Lucas Entertainment movie “Cuckolds & Alpha Cocks“. In this video, Joaquin Santana has to watch his boyfriend Valentin Amour getting fucked by two Alpha Bulls; Sir Peter and Isaac X. The hung tops even double-penetrate Valentin.

Lucas Entertainment

Valentin and Joaquin as a couple is a love story that started when they were young men deeply in love. There’s a strong emotional connection wrestling with the big pitfall of sexual incompatibility that develops over time. Eventually, they both had to admit they’re both bottoms.

But Valentin also has a devious side that plays off of Joaquin’s submissive side. Valentin Amour has long fantasized about including Joaquin Santana in sexual forays where he’s turned into a cuckold.

Not only is Joaquin not allowed to answer his own urges of sucking cock and getting fucked up the ass, but he’s only allowed to experience them by watching Valentin enjoy such pleasures.

Valentin doesn’t give Joaquin much say, and he invites another couple over. Both of these guys are alpha men and top bulls; Sir Peter and Isaac X. Valentin presents his boy pussy to them while Joaquin sits idly by, partially underdressed. But he is not allowed to play with himself.

Sir Peter and Isaac take turns slamming their big hard cocks down Valentin’s throat and up his ass while Joaquin sits on watching, half wishing he could join in, but also half enjoying his subjugation.

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Watch Valentin take two big Alpha cocks!

Lucas Entertainment


Watch Alpha Bulls Sir Peter and Isaac X fuck Valentin Amour



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