Lucas Entertainment: Sir Peter fucks Valentin Amour in “Servicing The CEO” (scene 3)

The third scene from the Lucas Entertainment movie “Gentlemen 29: Servicing The CEO” is a hot scene starring Sir Peter and newcomer Valentin Amour.

This hung top is a man of few words, but he has a lot of swagger at work. As the man in charge, everyone aims to please him, men and women alike. His masculine and strong good looks only add to his powerful and stoic charisma.

Valentin Amour has been working tirelessly to capture the attention of Sir Peter, but he never stopped to consider if he’d be able to handle such a man if he caught his sexual prey. Well, Valentin Amour has finally earned that performance review he’s been angling for, and he’s about to find out just what kind of a hard (in the) ass this top can be!

Watch Sir Peter dominate newcomer Valentin Amour

Lucas Entertainment


Watch Sir Peter fuck Valentin Amour at Lucas Entertainment



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