CockyBoys: Shane Cook rims Tayte Hanson’s hole and fucks him deep

The match-up that just had to happen is here: Tayte Hanson and Shane Cook! In the CockyBoys series of scenes shot and produced by models during the lock down, Tayte takes the reins again… directing himself and Shane from Los Angeles!

Months after their lust-at-first sight meeting, and after safety protocols, Tayte Hanson and Shane Cook finally get together. After making out passionately Tayte is on his knees sucking Shane and widening his mouth as his cock gets even bigger and thicker and takes Shane’s face-fucking.

Tayte’s sucking is so good Shane can’t help but express his pleasure vocally. Soon Shane bends over Tayte to eat out his tasty hole, alternating with gulping down his big dick.With permission Shane cock-teases his wet hole until Tayte slowly guides in his monster dick.


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It doesn’t take long for Shane to fuck him with ass-slapping vigor. Tayte not only takes it, he positions himself to get Shane go deeper. Even as thing heat up more Tayte mixes it up by laying Shane on the bed to suck him hungrily again and spit lube his cock.

Tayte slides down on Shane’s cock and rides him while giving Shane the room to thrust up into him in perfect sync, even as Tayte turns to a cowboy position. Soon though Tayte flips again for Shane can pound him on his back, suck his toes and drive him to the edge.

It all works and Shane fucks a load out of Tayte and keeps pounding him until he pulls out and shoots all over him. Tayte then draws out his orgasm by milking him dry. They end as they started with passionate kisses but with the addition of very satisfied smiles.

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