Helix Studios: Seth Peterson bottoms for Max Carter in “Inside Helix” (scene 3)

Here’s the third episode of “Inside Helix” – starring Max Carter and Seth Peterson. You get cock stiffening cameos from fan favorites, such as “Best Newcomer” award winner, Alex Riley who picks the newbie up in style. During the limo ride, Peterson gets to know Riley as well as the guys behind the scenes, as the whole crew share sexy stories.

Even Helix Studios boys Riley Finch and Corbin Colby chime in, and add spice to this gorgeous guy gumbo. The young studs share their thoughts on the new dude, with Max comparing him to a younger, hotter Tom Cruise. Peterson runs with the idea, and gives us a bit of that famous “Risky Business” dance in his undies! After tagging along for Peterson’s haircut, the boys get some private time to get to know one another better.

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Both boys share their coming out stories, and Seth even shares a sultry, public beach sex bang! The seaside sex story sets Max Carter’s libido into overdrive, and the porn pro breaks the newbie in like the big-dicked boss he is! Seth Peterson is absolute perfection from head to toe. He is smooth, tanned and toned with a tight, virginal looking young hole.

Max breaks him in with his tongue after some mutual mouth on meat action. Carter slowly enters the tight twink with his cock, then quickly tears into Seth’s hole with a hard hammering! Seth then takes a raw ride on Carter’s cock, while jacking his juicy jock. Max manhandles the rock hard hottie onto his side, then hits that hot hole till he cums, launching his load all over his muscled leg.

The tasty treat oozes onto his well worked hand and hard-on, giving his groin a gooey glow. He keeps taking that cock till Carter creams, pulling out for a sec to show off his whopper wad, before shoving his spitting schlong back up the boy’s beautiful butt hole, giving him a nice, “warm” welcome to Helix Studios.

Watch Max Carter fuck Seth Peterson in “Inside Helix” (scene 3)

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