Lucas Entertainment: Sergeant Miles breeds Oliver Hunt in “Daddy’s Bitch Boys” (scene 1)

Here’s the first scene from “Daddy’s Bitch Boys“. Military top Sergeant Miles breeds Oliver Hunt in this new Lucas Entertainment release.

Oliver Hunt is young, handsome, and has one of the cutest faces among the Lucas Entertainment men. He also has a weakness for men older than him, and if they have a patriarchal vibe to them, he’s totally on board with taking on a new daddy.

While staying with Sergeant Miles in Mexico, Oliver finds himself in a submissive scenario with the older – and very macho – military top. While Sergeantis in the bedroom, he calls upon a fully dressed Oliver to come up and join him.

Before long, Sergeant Miles pulls down Oliver’s shorts and underwear and paddled his delicious little ass. And this is just the beginning. Soon, Sergeant has a throbbing cock ready to be serviced, and it’s time for Oliver to prove what a good bitch boy he is for his daddy!

Watch Sergeant Miles fuck Oliver Hunt in “Daddy’s Bitch Boys” (scene 1)

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Watch Sergeant Miles breed Oliver Hunt at Lucas Entertainment



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