Raging Stallion: Sean Maygers drills Drew Dixon’s bare hole in “Show Hard” (scene 3)

This is the third scene from the Raging Stallion movie “Show Hard” in which Sean Maygers fucks Drew Dixon. The latter one is alone and cruising in a restroom when Sean shows up and stands at the urinal.

Raging Stallion

As soon as they notice each other, Drew shows Sean his ass to let him know it’s a go, and Sean turns around with a rock-hard dick. Drew Dixon likes what he sees and sinks to his knees to get a mouthful.

After gagging on his restroom buddy’s dick, Drew bends over to let Sean Maygers prepare his hole for a bareback pounding. Right after some tongue and finger action in front of the urinals, Drew bends over and Sean fills his hole with cock.

After pounding him doggy-style, Sean lifts up Drew and drills his prostate. Sean doesn’t ease up with the ruthless pounding on Drew’s hole.

While bent over, Sean keeps delivering cock until he can’t hold back and shoots his load all over Drew’s ass. Before Drew can get off, they hear someone pull up outside, so they grab their clothes and scramble to get dressed before heading out.

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Watch Sean Maygers and Drew Dixon fuck in “Show Hard” (part 3)

Raging Stallion


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